LinkedIn Ad Placement Strategy Update: LinkedIn Announces Removal of Carousel Posts Next Month!

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LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has recently announced significant policy changes affecting ad placement strategies. In a quick reminder, LinkedIn will soon eliminate carousel posts, personal profile videos, and the option to include clickable links within images. This update will take effect starting from December 14, 2023, and consequently, previously published carousel posts and embedded links will be removed.

According to an explanation from LinkedIn (as reported by Matt Navarra), “Starting December 14, 2023, we will remove all carousels and personal profile videos from LinkedIn. If you have embedded clickable links in any images or videos, please note that your content will remain, but the clickable links will no longer function. You can still share external links in the description of any post.”

This update signifies that all carousel posts previously shared will be deleted, rendering any embedded clickable links ineffective.

The initial announcement to remove these options was made by LinkedIn back in June, seemingly due to a lack of user interest. Carousel posts, despite being a significant engagement tool for many users, are now set for removal.

LinkedIn introduced native carousel post options in July last year, allowing creators to upload temporary carousels by using PDFs, with each page representing a separate slide. While this option remains available for now, if you wish to continue sharing carousels on LinkedIn, you’ll have to revert to the workaround process.

Profile videos were added by LinkedIn as far back as 2021, but it seems they never gained significant traction. The ability to include clickable links within images was added in August last year.

All of these functionalities are now being removed as publishing options. However, it’s worth noting that their removal will be retrospective, taking effect next month.

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This change may impact your marketing plans if you heavily relied on these features for LinkedIn promotion.

LinkedIn has suggested users contact them by December 11 to receive copies of profile videos or files from carousel posts before they are removed.

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In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, platforms frequently update their policies and features to adapt to changing user preferences and market dynamics. The recent decision by LinkedIn to remove carousel posts, profile videos, and clickable links within images marks a significant shift in its advertising landscape. This move will undoubtedly impact marketers and advertisers who have relied on these functionalities for their promotional strategies on the platform.

As the deadline approaches, businesses and content creators must strategize and adapt to these impending changes to ensure their LinkedIn marketing efforts remain effective. This shift not only necessitates a change in content creation strategies but also highlights the importance of staying abreast of policy updates across various social media platforms for successful advertising campaigns.

For those seeking alternatives or comprehensive overseas promotion services, the Overseas Promotion Alliance provides a wide array of options, including social media account setup, advertising on various platforms, marketing tools, and influencer collaborations across different regions and demographics. The team at Overseas Promotion Alliance aims to assist businesses in navigating these changes and maximizing their marketing potential across international markets.

The landscape of digital advertising is ever-evolving, and this update by LinkedIn serves as a reminder of the need for adaptability and innovation in marketing strategies. Embracing these changes and exploring new avenues will be pivotal for businesses aiming to maintain a strong online presence and effectively reach their target audience.

Please note: The information provided in this article is based on available data as of the publication date and is subject to change based on LinkedIn’s official announcements and updates.