The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Gaming PC Case in 2024

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Looking to build a new gaming PC? The case is crucial—it defines the look and determines what components you can use. Unlike CPUs or GPUs, you can’t just pick based on a graph. There are hundreds of cases, each unique. So, we’ve reviewed the best for all budgets and form factors.

Starting with the Monte A903 Max, a budget champ under $80. It comes with four 140mm fans, great airflow, and easy access for upgrades. Another budget gem is the Deepcool CH56, around $10 more, but with excellent build quality and innovative design for airflow.

Moving up, the NZXT H5 Flow offers a mesh panel for airflow and a sleek design, though you’ll need to buy fans separately. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, the Thermaltake The Tower 200 is a standout. Its vertical GPU mount prevents sag and provides excellent airflow.

PC Case

For a more refined look, consider the Fractal North. Its Scandinavian design and wood-effect front panel make it unique. If you prefer a bold look, the Lian Li O11 Vision is a glass extravaganza. It’s challenging to build in but stunning when done.

MSI’s Gere 300R is another standout, with plenty of mesh for airflow and four included fans. Be Quiet’s Shadow Base 8100 FX focuses on quiet operation and offers great build quality.

If you need a larger case, the Height Y70 Touch offers a unique fish tank aesthetic with good airflow. And for Mini ITX lovers, the Corsair 2000D Airflow maximizes compatibility in a small form factor.

Each case has its strengths, so consider your priorities and budget. For more details and pricing, check the links in the description. What do you think of these picks? Let us know, and thanks for watching!