10 Computer Missteps You Should Know About

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You might be unknowingly making a mistake with your computer right now. In this video, I’ll go over 10 common mistakes people make out of ignorance or forgetfulness. Some are crucial, others depend on your situation, but all are worth knowing about. Let’s dive in!

Not changing your router’s admin password: This password lets you access your router’s settings. Changing it is important for security, as malware could exploit a default password.

Neglecting to set a BIOS password: This is more critical for laptops, adding an extra layer of security in case of theft.

Allowing personal info to be exposed by data brokers: Use services like DeleteMe to remove your info from these sites.

Using the wrong RGB color settings: Ensure your monitor’s settings match your graphics card for the best display.

Not enabling all monitor capabilities: Check your monitor settings for features like DisplayPort version and HDR support.


Using an HDMI cable that can’t handle your monitor’s capabilities: Make sure your HDMI cable is up to the task, especially for high-resolution monitors.

Neglecting firmware updates for peripherals: Keep your hardware updated for security and performance improvements.

Using the wrong power profile: For desktops, use High Performance; for laptops, Balanced or Power Saver depending on usage.

Not setting your high refresh rate monitor to the higher refresh rate: Check your monitor settings to ensure it’s set correctly.

Not using Night Light or Night Shift mode: Reduce blue light at night to improve sleep and reduce eye strain.

Improperly disposing of hard drives and data storage: Before throwing out a computer, remove or destroy the hard drive to protect your data.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure your computer runs smoothly and securely.