Taylor Swift “ays” Tour: Travis Kelce Shows Support in Singapore

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The Singapore leg of Taylor Swift’s “ays” tour has been a hit with fans, and it seems her beau, Travis Kelce, is making sure to show his support. Joining Travis on the trip are his buddies Ross Travis and Harry Clark, along with his manager Andre eans. They’ve been sharing snapshots of their adventure on Instagram, giving us a peek into their travels.

Tour Pause Before Paris:
After Singapore, Taylor’s tour takes a brief pause before heading to Paris in May. While it’s uncertain if Travis will tag along to the city of love, sources say the couple is managing their busy lives with finesse. Travis is reportedly enjoying his off-season while being as supportive as possible of Taylor’s tour overseas.

Taylor Swift

Continued Support:
This isn’t the first time Travis and his crew have jet-setted to support Taylor. Last month, they flew to Sydney for her show, and it seems they’re always up for a good time, no matter where they are.

Future Plans:
Sources close to the couple say Travis and Taylor are in sync about their future, discussing their next steps together. It looks like these two are on the same page and ready for whatever comes next in their relationship.