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Top 3 Monthly Dividend Stock REITs

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Looking for monthly dividends that keep the cash flowing? Real estate investment trusts (REITs) might just be your ticket. While most dividend-paying stocks stick to a quarterly schedule, REITs dance to a different beat, doling out dividends every month. Picture yourself as a landlord, cashing in rent checks month after month. It’s not just about the income today; it’s about keeping that liquidity flowing steady, especially when the market’s playing hopscotch.


Top Picks in Monthly Paying REITs:

1. BSR REIT (HO:M.U in Canada, BSRTF in the US):
First up, we’ve got BSR REIT. This gem focuses on apartment communities in tech-savvy markets like Austin, Dallas, and Houston. With a robust balance sheet and trading at a hefty discount to its net asset value, BSR is a bargain hunter’s dream. Sure, it might hit a few bumps with new supply hitting the market, but think long-term gains here.

2. AG Royalty (ADC):
Next on the list is AG Royalty. Small but mighty, this REIT specializes in high-quality net leases, with a track record that’s hard to beat. Despite market jitters, it’s trading at a bargain, offering a sweet combo of 5% dividend yield and consistent growth.

3. EPR Properties (EPR):
Last but not least, let’s talk about EPR Properties. With an 8% dividend yield and a promising growth outlook, this one’s catching eyes. Sure, it’s got some movie theater exposure, which spooks some investors. But dig deeper, and you’ll see the potential. With solid lease agreements and a rebounding market, EPR’s poised for a comeback.

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