Navigating the GCKey vs. IRCC Portal Dilemma

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Are you planning to apply to come to Canada, either as a visitor or a student, and wondering which portal to use? Whether to use the old GCKey portal or the new IRCC portal ? I’ll discuss the similarities, differences, and help you decide which one to use.

Process
Let’s start with the sign-in process. With the old GCKey portal, you’ll need to answer security questions, choose a username, and set a password. For the new IRCC portal, you’ll first need to register and then use a reference code sent to your email for sign-in. Both methods are similar, so there’s no advantage or disadvantage to either.

Document Upload
Next, let’s talk about document upload. The old portal allows you to upload up to four megabytes of files, while the new portal only allows two megabytes. If you have a lot of files to upload, the old portal is the better choice.

IRCC Portal

Now, let’s discuss the forms. In the old portal, you have to download forms like the study permit application form or the visitor visa application form, fill them, and then upload them. In the new portal, everything is done online through a questionnaire form. You simply fill in your details, including family information, directly on the portal. This makes the new portal more user-friendly, especially if you want to fill out the forms on your phone.

Processing Time
Regarding processing time, both portals are similar, with processing times ranging from 30 days to five weeks. However, some users have reported faster processing times with the new portal.

In terms of fees, both portals charge the same application fee of $235 for a visitor visa or study permit application.

Overall, the new IRCC portal offers a more streamlined and user-friendly experience, especially for those with a lot of documents to upload or who prefer to fill out forms on their phone. Consider these factors when deciding which portal to use for your application to come to Canada.